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How can I achieve higher sales on amazon?

Did you know that 70% of Amazon customers* will not click past the first page of search results? With competition on Amazon continually growing, it is now even more essential to optimise your listing. The higher you rank the more you will sell!


Like other search engines, Amazon has its own way of ranking products and is based on the “A9” algorithm. Without being too technical, as Amazon is a selling platform, it will prioritise items that are most likely to sell.

I have outlined the key points of interest below. Please contact us for a no obligation chat for further information.



Amazon matches customer keyword searches. Your listing will only appear if it contains the same searched words/phrases.  As a result, it is crucial to use as many relevant keywords as possible in your listing so do your keyword research! Identify the most relevant and popular Amazon search terms and look at your competitor listings - Please contact us if you would like a helping hand with this. These results can then be used in the:


  • Title – most important and would recommend using the main keywords as close to the start of the title as possible. Do not “stuff” your keyword with all relevant words as this will not be appealing for the customer


  • Bullet points and product description – further opportunity for your primary keywords. Make sure that these descriptions really “sell your product” and contain as much information to “help” the customer convert. Please be aware that your bullet points need to be prioritised as mobile devices usually only display the first three points


  • Backends searches – for all the relevant keywords that were not used in the above. A great opportunity to use variations that are not suitable for consumers to view and misspellings. Be careful though as back-end keywords are now limited to 250 characters and Amazon will not index any words entered after this cut-off. Tip: there is no need to repeat any words/phrases already entered in title/bullet points/descriptions and do not use commas to separate the words, just spaces!




Remember, this is the “face” of the product. Ensure you are using high quality images and pay special attention to how your product is represented. I would recommend using at least five or six images. These must be on a white background and at least 1,000 pixels (I would personally recommend using up to 3,000 pixels to really allow the seller to zoom in on the item). Use lifestyle shots to showcase your products. It is advisable to upload professional shots and is well worth the investment.



Driving sales to your listing will impact your rank. Try driving internal and external traffic to your listing. Internal includes Amazon’s PPC (Pay Per Click adverts – specifying keywords whilst controlling your budget) and promotional/discount “tricks” over a set number of days, please contact us for further information. Examples of external traffic include Facebook ads .



Although this is not an official factor of Amazon ranking, good reviews can help increase traffic and conversions. There are ways to increase the number of reviews but ensure that these are within Amazon’s guidelines (do not ask a seller to write a positive review and do not offer incentives). Keeping in touch with your customers and offering great customer service can lead to great reviews. You can customise Amazon’s feedback request form or you could use third-party feedback software. Remember to always respond to any negative reviews (even though I am sure your products and customer service are nothing less than 5 stars!)



Amazon will tend to prioritise products with lower price points. Ensure that you are not outpricing your competitors.


FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon)

Amazon sellers can either ship their items themselves (fulfilled by merchant) or send their stock into Amazon (Fulfilled by Amazon). The latter has the added befit that Amazon will deal with returns and customer service. Items that are fulfilled by Amazon also tend to rank higher in the marketplace. The downside, of course, is that you don’t get anything for nothing as Amazon charge for this service.


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*According to Amazon’s own data




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