Understand your customers and win in the market-place



Do you really understand your customer? We can help.

Businesses continually acquire a wealth of information about their consumers and sales habits (often without even realising). 


We specialise in converting this data into meaningful facts such as identifying buying patterns and understanding what, when and how products are purchased. We use these insights along with our industry knowledge to create bespoke recommendations to aid business growth and profitability. Read more



Do you really understand your market? We can help.

A thorough understanding is fundamental to business success. Is the industry growing or contracting? What are the opportunities and threats? What are your competitors doing?


We advise on key strategic decisions and highlight strategies to diversify and how to launch new products.



After working in retail and consumer markets for over 15 years for brands including Sainsbury's, Tesco and Arcadia Group, we are dedicated to passing on our key learnings and knowledge to help smaller and start-up businesses. Please read more to find out about our experience and achievements.


Are you achieving the highest sales on Amazon? We can help.

After working on the platform over a number of years, we have an in-depth understanding of the marketplace. We can help you to launch, optimise your listings and achieve higher sales on Amazon. Learn more

We would love to hear more about your business, please contact us for a no-obligation conversation!



Sales and stock analysis


Analysis & Insights


Converting customer and sales data into meaningful insights. Learn more

Google analytics specialists



Market Research


Undertaking and analysing customer behaviour. Learn more



Competitor analysis


In-depth understanding of your competitors and the market



Amazon optimisation


Launch products on Amazon and increase search rankings. 

Learn more





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